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  Pictures, flags, geography, mixed, wild flowers, birds, Mozart, road sign, butterfly quiz
  Hi quiz friend,
  Here are some infos about quizzes on jeder.at
  Quiz king/queen
  Tips to high scores, etc.
  How to become quiz queen/king ?
  Picture quiz
  Flags quiz
  Geography quiz (quiz in German)
  Pictures flags geography quiz (quiz in German)
  Wild flowers quiz (quiz in German)
  Birds quiz
  Mozart quiz
  Road sign quiz
  Butterfly quiz
  Quiz status/statistics
  Data Protection
  New quiz features/improvements
  The technical

How to become quiz queen/king ?

You have to do a new highscore on one of the quiz categories (Mozart, birds, flags...) and to register this new highscore. Here the steps...

  1. Choose a quiz category
  2. Make a new high score
  3. Log in or register
  4. Save high score

This new high score make you the quiz king/queen in a category. In the quiz menu you can see your username and you can download your coronation document as pdf file (click the crown).

What awaits you?

The picture quiz shows one coincidentally selected photo and four buttons with four country names. With one click on one of the four buttons can be guessed, to which country the photo was taken up. The coincidentally selected picture comes from a pool of approx. 3000 pictures on jeder.at these and thousand further pictures can also in the picture gallery be regarded and than picture postcards sent away. If your answer should have been wrong, then with the next question the correct answer is shown.
The photos for the quiz and the photos in the picture gallery come to the large part of Amir Malek(malek.at), an approved professional photographer and cameraman.

The flag quiz functions like the picture quiz. Instead of the photographs flags are shown. ALL states of the earth are represented. The flags are taken mostly from the following source:


The geography quiz places landreferred questions, where likewise again under four answer alternatives can be selected. Nowadays approx. 230 questions are available. We are grateful for other questions+answers. Suggestions please to quiz [at] jeder [dot] at.

The pictures flags geography quiz combines the above quiz after the chance principle. It shows a special challenge.

The wild flowers-quiz shows a photo of a Central European wild flowers species. Below four answer possibilities are faded in as a button. The faster you answer, the more points you get. And already there comes the next photo....

The photos were taken up by Johann Eder with the HP Photosmart 320 Digitalkamera + Macroobjectiv und der Konica-Minolta Dimage Z10 to the large part in Lower Austria. The wild flowers kinds were determined with the following books:

  • Pareys Blumenbuch, 2. Auflage, R.Fitter/A.Fitter/M.Blamey, 1986
  • Der farbige BLV Pflanzenführer, 6. Auflage, Schauer/Caspari, 1996
Nowadays approx. 246 species with on an average 5 photos are available. So more than 1200 photographs are available...
We are in search of other photos of European wild flowers kinds. If you are interested in an assistance, write up to us a mail quiz [at] jeder [dot] at.


The bird's quiz shows a photo of an european bird's species. Below four answer possibilities are faded in as a button. The kind name is indicated into respective language and the scientific name....

The bird's photos were taken up by external photographers. We thank the following photographers for their wonderful photographs:
Name URL
Alain Fossé www.digimages.info
Amanda a. Phil Ackerman www.pdackerman.force9.co.uk/birdphotos/
Andy Bright www.digiscopingukbirds.homestead.com
Arthur Grosset www.arthurgrosset.com
Audevard Aurelien audevard.aurelien.free.fr
George Reszeter www.birdphotography.co.uk
ICTeachers Photo Library www.icteachers.co.uk/photos/
Jean-Philippe Paris www.baladeornithologique.com
John White www.erols.com/reptiles
Josh Jones/Ackerman www.pdackerman.force9.co.uk/birdphotos/
Loison Sylvie photoiseaux.perso.cegetel.net
Marek Szczepanek commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pkuczynski/Marek_S
N Watts & Ackerman www.pdackerman.force9.co.uk/birdphotos/
NABU/A. Limbrunner www.nabu.de
NABU/M. Delpho www.nabu.de
Peter Jones www.btinternet.com/~pdj_photos
Phoby hanafos.com
Scotch Macaskill www.wildlife-pictures-online.com
Willy Stoner www.animalpicturesarchive.com
Jakob Sigurdsson www.aves.is
Lisa Williams www.flickr.com/photos/ljrw/
Eckart Planker
Erik Kleyheeg www.pbase.com/kleyheeg
Thomas Eisenhut www.xeta.at

Nowadays approx. 369 species with approx. 941 photographs are available.
We are in search of other photos of European bird's species. If you are interested in an assistance, write to us a mail in quiz [at] jeder [dot] at. There are infos to the species which we look here.

As a regulation basis the following books served us:

  • Die Vögel Europas, 10. Auflage, R.Peterson/G. Mountfort/P.A.D. Hollom, 1973
  • Die Vögel Europas und des Mittelmeerraums, 2. Auflage, L. Jonsson, 1999


On the occasion of 250th birthday of Mozart there is a Mozart quiz on jeder.at. You are asked a lot of question about life and work of W.A.Mozart the famous Austrian musican. Some questions are supported by pictures or photographs. Below four answer possibilities are faded in as a button. Should your answer have been wrong, the properly answer is shown you with of the next question. Just one answer is right.....

We thank Mr. Kaminek and his team for the production of the questions and the pictures. You find further details about Mr. Kaminek and his activities under:
Computer cable www.kaminek.at
Holiday apartments in Vienna www.apartment.at
Training draft for all branches www.kaminek.at/iqabc/
Manual of the guest-room renting www.tourismus-abc.net

Nowadays approx. 300 questions are available to Mozart.
If you are interested in an assistance, write to us a mail in quiz [at] jeder [dot] at.


The Road Sign Quiz shows pictures of austrian common road signs . The road sign quiz shows one coincidentally selected sign and four buttons. Click on the right answer. The next question shows if you are right or wrong. In the case your were wrong the right answer is shown. The road signs are taken from the following source:

Nowadays approx. 180 road signs are available. If you are interested in an assistance, write to us a mail in quiz [at] jeder [dot] at.


The Butterfly Quiz shows a photo of an european butterfly species. Below four answer possibilities are faded in as a button. The kind name is indicated into respective language (English or German) and the scientific name....

The butterfly photos were also taken up by external photographers. We thank the following photographers for their wonderful photographs:
Name URL
Andreas Pospisil www.schmetterlinge.at
Johannes Gillmann www.schmetterlinge.at
Frithjof Kohl www.fkohl.de
Kurt Kulac de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Kulac/Bilder
Cor Zonneveld www.corzonneveld.nl
Silvia Reiche www.fotoreiche.nl
Ingrid Altmann www.golddistel.de
Lisa Williams www.flickr.com/photos/ljrw/

Nowadays approx. 220 species with approx. 450 photographs are available.

We are pleased of the assistance of butterfly photographers. For the quiz we still looking for more photographs. The photos should have least width from 600 pixels. We ask you to make available to us this and to inform us with respect to that under the mail address quiz [at] jeder [dot] at. As a photographer remains copyright with you and you become called with your name and your website (if available). Thanks for assistance .


Quiz status / statistics

In the right part of the quiz window (see next jeder.at quiz) the topical status is indicated. Among the rest, the point number, the number of the right answers and the achieved value highest up to now of the suitable quiz category (pictures flags quiz, geography quiz or mixed quiz) belong to it. Decisively the relative number of the right answers is given to all answers in percent (for example 12 answers, of it 6 properly, proves 50%). Also the value of the best up to now is given to the direct comparison in percent value and point number.

The percent values also become graphically as a crossbeam explains and are the determining factor whether one can sign up on the high score-list or which rank one takes there.
The second factor is the point number. This arises from the answer speed. The faster you click on one of the answer buttons, the higher is the point number (Javascript must be activated in your browser).
Now the announcement of the photos and the beginning of the answer countdown are synchronized.

Best you try out the quiz immediately.


Quiz king/queen

If you mount quiz king and quiz queen on jeder.at you put up the throne in you in one of the quiz categories a new high score. Their regency there lasts at most a month. At the latest then your crown prince / princess takes over your place in the throne of the suitable quiz category. Or does someone else maybe raise claim to the throne?

Should you follow, however, now in the high score list as next after the king and queen, you can be glad: You are thecandidate on the throne next month. You are informed from the beginning as well as from the end of your regency by e-mail. Should your e-mail address be invalid, are stroked your high score from the high score-list and you are dethroned.

As a recognition of your king/queen's dignity you can download the coronation document as a pdf file, print out...


Tips to high scores, etc.

HIGH SCORES store: High scores can be stored only in the high score list if you are registered user (=user profile). Further you must answer at least 30 questions and answer 25% properly of it. In the high score list only the best twenty are indicated. Ranked they are according to the first criterion percent value and the second criterion point value.

Quiz king/queen: If you give an invalid e-mail address as a registered user, your high score from the high score list is stroked and you are dethroned as a quiz king/queen.

Stop the quiz: Simple click Stop quiz.

ATTENTION: If you leave open a quiz web page five minutes or longer and no inputs (click) occur, it comes to a Time-out-Error (session finished). Simply again click on Quiz so you can log in once more.

We are glad about assistance, wishes, questions and answers, praise, criticism .... to quiz [at] jeder [dot] at


New quiz features/improvement::

Quiz profile put on
Personalized Login: Every user has a user name with he / she in the quiz appears. In the user profile a valid mail
address is also to be put down so that now also the notification is possible by e-mail. If for example another quiz fan has put own high score. One can also log in rethere as a guest, then cannot sign up, however, on the high score-list.
In the "quiz" not only the percent value of the best on but also the achieved point value is indicated.
Now the announcements of the photo and the beginning of the point countdown are synchronized.
The quiz king/queen as a new play element
Categorization of answers: This should be explained at the example of the flag quiz. Up to now became four answer possibilities on a question (to which land belongs the shown flag?) accidental from ALL possible lands picked out and as buttons presented. The differences were thereby big between the answer possibilities very much. Now it is new that the answer possibilities are categorized. Thus ALL lands are taken no more as a base only those separate for example from South America. Another category would be for example all red flags have, or all have a triangle in the flag, etc. It is obvious that thereby the answer possibilities seem more similar and are to be answered, hence, more difficultly properly. This feature is realized for the flag, birds, Mozart and butterfly quiz.
Coronation document is provided for kings and queens. From 1st May, 2006 every king/queen can download to him/herself the coronation customer (in the pdf format) and print out also as a visible proof of the king's dignity. In addition a pdf reader which one can download to himself free of charge under http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html is necessary.
Now you can quiz without being logged in

Other planned quiz features/improvement:

Wishes please to quiz [at] jeder [dot] at

Other quiz contents:

Suggestions requested….


Data Protection:

We will collect information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address for monitoring and improving the effectiveness of our website services as well its security. We will only collect sensitive personal data where absolutely necessary for our quiz service (newsletter) and with your explicit consent. All data collected by us will be retained only for an appropriate length of time, defined by our legal requirements and operational needs, and will be securely archived or deleted after this time. The above data for the display of the website will be deleted by us after one month. The collection of data for the provision of the website and the storage of the data in log files is essential for the operation of the website. There is consequently no contradiction on the part of the user. Further storage may be made in individual cases, if required by law.

Newsletter: On our website you can subscribe to a free newsletter as part of the registration process. In order to be able to send you the newsletter regularly, we need the following information from you:
* E-Mail
* First and Last Name (both optional)

In connection with the newsletter dispatch no transfer of your data to third parties takes place. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by answering the newsletter and writing in the subject field 'ABBESTELLEN'.

We use cookies, like most websites, to help us provide you with the best experience when you visit our site. Some cookies are crucial to the smooth running of our website. Other cookies allow us to understand (by using tools like Google Analytics) how visitors are interacting with our website, so that we can improve it.

Wishes please to quiz [at] jeder [dot] at

Other quiz contents:

Suggestions requested….


The technical:

The quiz was programmed in Java with the help of the Struts-Framework and runs on a Linux-Server. Struts is a Web-Framework that the MVC draft (Model View Controller) moves and builds up on J2EE (Java2 Enterprise Edition).
It allows developing of complicated big web applications and permits the logical separation of presentation layer (view), the logical expiries (controller) and the data layer (model). The tasks can be thereby split with the developing between programmers, web designers and data bank developers lighter. In addition, it offers support with always returning tasks in web applications, like validation of the user inputs, sequence control, session and presentations management, etc. and a lot more.
If you liked other knowledge, hesitate not to write to quiz [at] jeder [dot] at.


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